Countless poets began writing poetry after the liberation of Korea from Japan. But it is difficult to find another poet who aroused as much interest and stirred as much controversy as Kim Soo-young. He died at the relatively young age of 48 in 1968, but his poetry has become a symbol of freedom and revolution during the democratization of Korea, embodying literature that represents social concerns while being an example of modern, avant-garde poetry. Moreover, his life and work have elicited praise and criticism as well as a debate on imitation versus reflection by liberals, socialists, anti-Communists, and diverse types of intellectuals. The Complete Works of Kim Soo-young, Vol.1 published posthumously by Minumsa Publishing Company in 1981, is a compilation of The Big Root (1974); a selection of essays Spit, Poetry (1975); and the popular Even If the Moon's Path Is Trodden, (1976). This collection of poems can be viewed as an outcome of the heightened interest in his work since the 1970s. As the first edition of the book has undergone 27 printings and the second edition, 19 printings, it goes to show that the great interest in Kim’s poetry is not temporary.



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