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BCLT Literary Translation Workshop

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    United Kingdom
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    07/26/2015 to 08/01/2015


Sponsored jointly by LTI Korea, the British Centre for Literary Translation (BCLT) and the Writers' Centre Norwich, a translation workshop for Korean literature was organized from July 26 to August 1 as part of the International Literary Translation and Creative Writing Summer School at the University of East Anglia. This was the first time that a translation for Korean literature was organized at the Summer School.


Students from LTI Korea’s Translation Academy who were selected to attend the Summer School participated in translation sessions twice a day from 11am–1pm and 3:30pm–5pm. They also participated in creative writing sessions and a translation theory classes, which were common for all language groups.


Translator Deborah Smith and Daniel Hahn, British writer, translator, and current chair of the Society of Authors, conducted the translation workshop for Korean literature. The attendees—4 graduates from LTI Korea’s Translation Academy and a Masters student from SOAS—each translated sentences from writer Han Kang’s short story “Europa” and discussed the merits and demerits of one another’s translations, trying to arrive at a natural yet faithful translation. Han was this year’s writer-in-residence at the Writers' Centre Norwich and attended the translation sessions as well. She commented on the translations and helped the students gain a deeper understanding of the text.


On July 31, the last day of the workshop, students from all the language groups read from their translations and gave presentations at the Dragon Hall in University of East Anglia. A farewell reception was held at the end for all the writers, teachers and students from all language groups.


The Summer School proved to be a significant opportunity to help graduates of the Translation Academy to develop their skills as well as to discover new promising translators. LTI Korea is examining ways to turn this workshop into an annual event in collaboration with BCLT, and to organize similar workshops for the other language groups at the Academy. 

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