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Tokyo International Book Fair

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    07/01/2015 to 07/04/2015
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LTI Korea participated at the 2015 Tokyo International Book Fair from July 1 to 4, together with writers Kang Young-sook and Kim Un-su.


On June 30, a day before the fair was set to open, writer Kim Un-su gave a lecture on the topic “Why I Write” at Gakushuin University. The writer spoke in an avuncular fashion, starting with why he wrote fiction, and touched upon several points, including identity and ego, and generated great interest among the students.


On July 1, writer Kang Young-sook met with Korean language students at Waseda University. She said that more and more works of Korean literature were being translated into Japanese and opportunities for both Japanese and Korean people to read each other’s country’s works were increasing. She said that communication was crucial, and that it could should be happen not only through literature but also through other media. Kang’s novel Rina has been translated and published in Japan, and her novel Writing Club is set to be published in 2016 with the support of LTI Korea.


On July 2, Kim Un-su and Oh Sun-young, the translator of his novel The Planners, attended a meet & greet event at Junkudo Bookstore. Many Japanese readers had registered for the event and the writer regaled them with funny episodes based on his experience of writing the book. The translator and editor shared the problems they had to deal with in the process of translating and editing the Japanese version of the book, giving the readers a taste of the charm and complications of literary translation.


Also on July 2, Kang held a discussion with her long-time friend, the Japanese writer Kyōko Nakajima, a winner of the Naoki Prize, at the Korean Cultural Center. The theme of their discussion was “Times of Anxiety: Family, Friend, and Family.” The details of their discussion is set to be published in the literary journal Subaru (すばる) in September.


On July 4, Kang and Kim shared a conversation with Japanese writer Kei Nakazawa at Hosei University about Korean and Japanese literature. Thanks to the smooth moderation by Nakazawa, the three writers managed to cover a lot of ground in a short span of time, including their favorite authors, and the relationship between literary works and society.


The Tokyo International Book Fair is the biggest international book fair held in Japan, the world’s second biggest publishing market. This year, the fair had 470 exhibition booths, and nearly 70,000 visitors. Japanese readers flocked to LTI Korea’s booth that was displaying around 50 Japanese translations of Korean books.

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