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LTI Korea: Russia Forum

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    Moscow, Saint Petersburg
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    05/17/2015 to 05/24/2015
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LTI Korea organized literary events in Moscow and Saint Petersburg from May 17 to 24 with writers Kim Yeonsu and Kim Aeran. Translations of Kim Yeonsu’s World End’s Girlfriend and Wonder Boy, and Kim Aeran’s A Pool of Saliva were published in Russia recently. The translation of Kim Aeran’s Run, Dad, Run is also set to be published in Moscow in July this year. The two authors read from both of their works and shared their literary world with the Russian readers.


On May 18, LTI Korea organized a book reading at the International Friendship Association in Saint Petersburg. The two writers spoke about their works in great detail. The audience had read the writers’ works and were curious to learn more. The discussion during the ensuing Q&A session was so lively that the event had to be extended by three hours. There were long lines of people waiting to get their books singed at the end of the event.


The event organized on May 21 was significant in that it was held at Moscow’s Library of Foreign Literature, an institution that houses works of foreign literature in Russia. Almost one hundred people gathered at the venue to listen to the writers read excerpts from their works in Korean and the subsequent reading by Russian actors.


Both events met with great response, with Russians showing palpable interest in Korean literature.

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