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  • United Kingdom

The London Book Fair

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    United Kingdom
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    04/14/2015 to 04/16/2015


LTI Korea Attends the 2015 London Book Fair LTI Korea participated in the 2015 London Book Fair, held from April 14 to 16. The fair, in its 44th year now, is a major event for the English book market in Europe, and was attended by nearly 1,000 publishing companies form 60 countries. Last year, Korea was the Market Focus Country at the fair, and the baton passed to Mexico this year.  LTI Korea held meetings with around 16 publishing agencies from the UK, Singapore, Turkey, Mexico and other countries, focusing on landing publishing contracts and promoting the institute’s activities. There was a palpable upsurge of interest in Korean literature at the fair, thanks to last year’s Market Focus Country program and the success of books like Hwang Sun-mi’s The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly.

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