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New Delhi World Book Fair

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    New Delhi
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    02/11/2015 to 02/15/2015
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Korea was invited as the Focus Country at the 2015 New Delhi World Book Fair. LTI Korea organized special Korean literary events in New Delhi for this occasion. Writer Shin Kyung-sook and poets Choi Seungho and Choi Jeongrye visited India and introduced Korean literature to Indian writers, students and the public. LTI Korea held a poetry reading session at the Sahitya Akademi, India’s National Academy of Letters, on February 11. The Indian writers, poets and academicians showed great interest in Korean poetry and literature with which they were not as familiar as with Chinese and Japanese literature. They were fascinated by the Buddhist overtones in the Korean poets’ poetry and showed particular interest in the concept of han. There was a spirited discussion about the common theme of the two poets’ poetry: the pain and suffering experienced by Korean people on the flipside of Korea’s capitalism and rapid development. On February 13, a Traditional Korean Music and Literature Concert was held at the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in New Delhi. The auditorium was crammed with more than hundred students from the Centre of Korean Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and the King Sejong Institute at KCC. Before reciting their poetry, the Korean poets gave lively explanations about the meanings and backstories of their poems, winning smiles and applause from the audience. Next, it was Shin Kyung-sook’s turn to take to the stage. Incidentally, her bestselling novel, Please Look After Mum, was translated and published in Hindi in 2013. The audience was all ears during her talk and asked her many questions about the content and structure of the story. LTI Korea held a poetry reading session on February 15 as part of the New Delhi World Book Fair. Indian poet K. Srilata and Hindi poet and translator Divik Ramesh took part in this session. The Korean poets recited their poems in Korean following which translations in English were read out. K. Srilata recited her English poems while Divik Ramesh recited a few of his Hindi translations of notable Korean poets. The events held as part of the Book Fair proved to a valuable opportunity to showcase the best of Korean literature in India and to show to the Indian public that Korea is more than just Samsung mobiles, LG TVs and Hyundai cars.


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