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Dream Sky


Shin Chae-ho (1880 – 1936) was an independence activist, historian, and journalist during the Japanese colonial rule over Korea. His pen name was Dan-jae and he was born into a noble yangban family in Daedeok, South Chungcheong Province. He studied Chinese classics but gave up plans to pursue a government position when the signing of the Treaty of 1905 with Japan took away Korea’s national sovereignty. He then started writing opinion columns in the Hwang Seong Daily. Afterwards, he worked as chief editor of The Korea Daily News, always trying to instill national consciousness. He also engaged himself in the patriotic enlightenment movement through Sinminhoe, an independence movement organization. In 1910, he went into exile in China, and in 1922, he was invited to Shanghai by the head of Uiyeoldan, a group of patriotic Koreans with heroic spirit. Early the next year, he composed and presented the group’s manifesto, titled the Declaration of the Joseon Revolution.


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