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Introduction Material on Yoon Tae-ho


Yoon Tae-ho was born in Gwangju in 1969. He showed exceptional talent and passion for graphic novels from an early age. After completing his apprenticeship under Jo Unhak and then later Huh Young-man, who is regarded as one of the greatest graphic novelists in Korea, Yoon published his first work Emergency Landing in 1993. Since his debut, Yoon’s works in both the traditional printed media and Webtoon— serialised publication online—have been met with great response among readers. With the successive publication of works such as Yahoo (a reinterpretation of the modern history of Korea through the author’s imagination), Moss (a gory thriller that opens with the death of the protagonist’s father in a quiet village), and Incomplete Life (a touching portrayal of the life and struggle of an office worker in Korea), Yoon won the top honor in the Korea Content Awards twice: the Presidential Award in 2010 and then again in 2012. Moss has been adapted into a film by Kang Woo-suk, one of the master directors of Korean cinema, and Incomplete Lifehas made a record number of sales and online views. Yoon is considered a leading graphic novelist who has achieved both popular and artistic success.

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