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Introduction Material on Kim Hyesoon


Kim Hyesoon was born in 1955 and made her debut as a poet in 1979. Kim’s poems strive to achieve a complete freedom from form. She has been creating her own world of poetry through her uninhibited experiments with language without being hindered by poetic forms. Kim focuses on the sensual body instead of the abstract, ideal object and has published poems that focus on exploring the female body. Through her continued questioning of the feminine experience and feminine being, she has created a new perception of femininity rooted in a fantastic, fairytale-like imagination. She visualizes this new femininity with the color white in contrast to black, which is employed to portray the patriarchal prejudice and oppression. Kim often uses grotesque, exaggerated images in order to resist the order underlying the mundane life that hides fallacy and violence. Her recent works have often made use of the color red. Some of her major publications are From Another StarMy Father’s ScarecrowThe Negative of Our ImageMy Upanishad, SeoulA Poor Love MachineTo The Calendar Factory ManagerGlass of Red MirrorYour First, and Sorrowtoothpaste MirrorcreamCurrently Kim Hyesoon is a professor in the Department of Creative Writing at Seoul Institute of the Arts.

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