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Introduction Material on Kim Young-ha


Kim Young-ha was born in 1968. He studied business administration at university and made his literary debut in 1995. Kim’s novels are a post-Romantic narrative of a nomad. Kim o!en introduces himself as a man without a hometown . Because his father was in the military, Kim switched schools once a year and learned the new rules of the game every time. His childhood experience of migration was perhaps a fate dealt to him; Kim Young-ha, in turn, desires the experience of diaspora and blends it into his writing. His novels incessantly travel across the boundaries between reality and fantasy, desire and death, consciousness and body,  "ction and media, Korea and foreign countries. To Kim, boundaries are the places of communication. I Have the Right to Destroy Myself, a fascinating depiction of the aesthetics of death; Black Flower, a rigorous thinking on the possibility of being outside of a nation; and #e Pager, a subversive portrayal of the relationship between reality and fantasy, are some of Kim’s most famous works. Aside from these, Kim has also published My Brother’s Back, Quiz Show, Your Republic Is Calling You, I Hear Your Voice and A Murderer’s Guide to Memorization. He has hosted a radio show about books, has served as a professor at Korea National University of Arts, and has had a long-term stay in Canada and the US a!er 2008. His works have been translated and introduced in the US, France, Germany, Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Japan and China.


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