Hours of Operation


Monday-Friday (5 days a week) 09:00 ~ 18:00

(※ 12:00 ~ 13:00 Closed for Lunch)


Monday-Thursday (4 days a week) 18:00 ~ 22:00

(※ Only operated from April to July and September and December during the terms for translation academy)

Return the book

* You can return the book to the return box located on the left of the Library entrance when it is not the business hour.

Target Users

Translators, Translation Academy students and professors, Korean scholars and researchers, Publishers, Writers, The general public

Major collections

  • Translated books in the field of Korean literature and culture/arts and original editions in Korean
  • Periodicals on Korean literature and translated publications
  • Language dictionaries and references on translation
  • Videos that introduce Korean literature to other countries in the world
  • DVD of original Korean literature, etc

Borrowing Allowance

Types of users Number of books Borrowing Period
Translators, Translation Academy students and professors, Researchers Up to 7 books 30 days
General Public Up to 5 books 15 days

How to Register & Borrow books

Confirming identification process at the librarian desk to borrow books​

Library Book Shelve

Special Materials

*Only available in the LTI Korea Library


J   Children's books

EP   Exhibited books

A   Old books (-1975)

TG   List of Books Recommended for Translation

TJ   List of Books Recommended for Translation (Children's)

R   Reference Books

M   Audio-visual materials

PO   LTI Korea Publications

PE   Periodicals

0   Others (brochure, etc.)


How to find books with call number


Information on how to copy/print/scan

  • Printers are available with PCs in the multimedia section.
  • Scanners are available only with dedicated PCs (PC for Scanner).
  • You can also copy materials housed in the Library with copy machines available in the multimedia section.