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2008 Seoul Young Writers'Festival : Anthology


Old Dog
_ Cardenas, Teresa
The Boy by the Pier
_ Dandolos, Stefanos
Pitbull Terry Goes Amok
_ Eriksen, Endre Lund
_ Goritz, Matthias
_ Grossi, Pietro
The Raw Shark Texts
_ Hall, Steven
The Black and White Photographer
_ Han, Yujoo
_ Jeon, Sung Tae
Sampung Department Store
_ Jeong, Yi Hyun
Brown Tears
_ Kang, Youngseok
P.S. Farewell
_ Kim, Chong Kwang
Your Suspicious State
_ Kim, Gyeong Uk
The Glass Shield
_ Kim, Junghyuk
The Ganges inside my Walkman _ Kim, Kyung Ju
Who sleeps inside me?
_ Kim, Seon Wu
_ Kim, Yoon Young
Prayers Stay the Same
_ Kiremitci, Tuna
Pink Bow Days
_ Kwon, Yeo-sun
Far from the Water
_ Laub, Jae Woong
Fish Practice
_ Lee, Jang Wook
_Luvsandor, Ulzitugs
For those who can still ride an airplane for the first time
_ Mojgani, Anis
The Boy In The Earth
_ Nakamura, Fuminori
_ Oh, Soo-yeon
A Wind Blows From The Firs
_ Paik, Gahuim
Other things
_ Pang, Alvin
Dalloway's Window
_ Park, Seong-won
Cold Skin
_ Pinol, Albert Sanchez
Love Alone
_ Plazenet, Laurence
The Black Box
_ Popov, Alek
Birds' Peru
_ Shin, Yong-mok
The Silent Sin
_ Sicking Anja
_ Sim, Yunkyung
Your Text 1
_ Sung, Kiwan
_ Takrori, Basima
In praise of the city
_ Tsehlana, Halejoetse
Five Poems
_ Valenciz, Olga
Growing Up is Like Exuviation
_ Ye, Mi
The Body opens and closes
_ Yi, Won

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