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Support for Japan's 2020 K-Book Festival

August 03, 2020 to December 31, 2020
Program type
Literary Event
Host Korean
Host English
Han Kang, Kim Soohyun
Descriptions - 2 Languages
  • English(English)
  • Korean(한국어)

This is an online event held by the Korea Foundation and the K-BOOK Promotion Association on November 28 and 29, 2020. It included Korean literature events such as lectures by Korean writers, talks with translators and book designers, book discussions, lectures on the Korean language, and the award ceremony for a Japanese-language essay contest. Korean writers including Han Kang, Kim Soohyun, and Yozoh (singer-songwriter) participated in the events, which recorded a cumulative viewership of about 15,000.

2020년 11우러 28일부터 29일까지 한국국제교류재단과 K-BOOK진흥회에서 온라인으로 개최한 행사이다. 한국 작가 강연, 번역가·북디자이너 대담, 북콘서트, 한국어 강좌, 일본 독후감대회 시상식 등 한국문학 행사로 진행되었으며 한강, 김수현, 요조(싱어송라이터) 등이 참여했다. 온라인 누적 시청 수는 약 15,000회를 기록했다.

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