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  • “Sweet Potato: collected short stories” by Kim Tongin
    English(English) Article

    Asian Review of Books / September 30, 2017

    As contemporary Korean literature receives increasing acclaim in English-language circles—Han Kang’s The Vegetarian won the 2016 Man Booker International Prize—it is perhaps inevitable that efforts are being made to introduce older Korean classics to the English language mainstream. One of of these is Sweet Potato, a newly-translated volume of short stories by Kim Tongin (or Kim Dong-in) written mostly in the Japanese colonial period between the Wars.“Kim Tongin’s literary achievements had important literary historical significance, leading to the establishment of modern Korean fiction and its rapid popularization,” writes Youngmin Kwon in the introduction. Kim’s place in Korean literary history is perhaps a matter for scholars; not being one, I can only come to this collection more or less as a general reader would.

  • Five Star Books for Fall
    English(English) Article

    Lawrence Public Library / September 30, 2016

    Source: http://www.lawrence.lib.ks.us/contact-us/hours-phone-address/

  • «Unschuld gibt es nicht»
    German(Deutsch) Article

    Neue Buecher Zeitung / September 29, 2016

    Source: http://www.nzz.ch/feuilleton/aktuell/gespraech-mit-der-booker-preis-traegerin-han-kang-unschuld-gibt-es-nicht-ld.119232

  • 韓·佛 인기작가들 무릎을 맞대다
    Korean(한국어) Article

    조선일보 / September 28, 2006

    “한국 문학의 폭력성에 큰 충격을 받았다.” 해마다 노벨 문학상 후보로 거론되는 프랑스의 소설가 장 마리 르 클레지오는 한국의 대표적 작가들을 만난 자리에서 “농촌이 급격히 도시화되면서 빠르게 변한 한국 사회가 몇몇 한국 문학 작품 속에서 거친 언어, 거친 주제로 표출되어 있다”면서 “한국 영화에도, 사진에도 이미지에도 자주 나타나는 그 폭력성을 잘 이해하기 힘들다”고 털어놓았다.

  • Han Kang: ”Författare i Sydkorea söker ny riktning”
    Swedish(Svenska) Article

    SVT Nyheter / September 27, 2019

    Den förra presidenten i Sydkorea, Park Guen-hye, hade en svart lista med över 9000 kulturarbetare som hon såg som meningsmotståndare. Sedan hon avsattes 2017 råder ett öppnare offentligt samtal i landet. – Författare i Sydkorea söker en ny riktning, säger Sverigeaktuella Han Kang.

  • Han Kang: Det är inte etiskt att bli helad
    Swedish(Svenska) Article

    Ystads Allehanda / September 27, 2019

    Med en skör och stark berättelse gästar Han Kang Bokmässan i Göteborg. Internationellt är hon den sydkoreanska temasatsningens mest uppburna namn. "Den vita boken" är samtidigt det mest personliga som hon har skrivit. Kan svenskans "vit" förstås i betydelsen ras undrar hon lite oroligt. Frågan känns absurd för den som läst hennes bok, och det svenska förlagets formgivare har också jobbat hårt för att titeln inte på något sätt ska kunna ge fel signaler.

  • An enthralling read
    English(English) Article

    myRepublica / September 27, 2019

    The Vegetarian, a novel written by South Korean writer Han Kang, was published in 2007. Its English translation, however, was made available only in 2015, following which it has managed to make a big global impact. The novel is actually based on a short story Kang had written back in 1997 called ‘The Fruit of My Woman’. The novel follows the story of a part-time graphic artist and homemaker Yeong-hye whose life takes a drastic and dramatic turn after a nightmare results in her becoming a vegetarian.

  • Capri, Premio Malaparte 2017 alla scrittrice coreana Han Kang
    Italian(Italiano) Article

    Il Mattino / September 27, 2017

    Il Malaparte 2017 ad Han Kang, il premio caprese continua a parlare al femminile, dopo Elizabeth Strout quest'anno è la volte della scrittrice coreana, che sarà in Italia a fine settembre per ritirare l'ambito riconoscimento.

  • "La vegetariana", di Han Kang
    Italian(Italiano) Article

    Blogo / September 27, 2016

    Source: http://www.booksblog.it/post/139622/la-vegetariana-di-han-kang

  • In brief: Lemon; The Nutmeg’s Curse; Dirt – reviews
    English(English) Article

    The Guardian / September 26, 2021

    Kwon Yeo-Sun brings eerie beauty to crime fiction, Amitav Ghosh traces the climate crisis to colonialism and Bill Buford goes to the heart of French cuisine Lemon Kwon Yeo-Sun (translated by Janet Hong) Apollo, £12.99, pp192 Seoul 2002 and a city that’s been gripped by World Cup fever is about to be consumed by an infinitely darker news story: the murder of 18-year-old Kim Hae-on, whose ethereal good looks lead to the case being dubbed “the high school beauty murder”. Nobody is ever charged and 17 years on it still consumes her younger sister, Da-on, whose entire self – dumpy and plain but whip-smart and brimming with life – has altered in response. Though the narrative takes the form of a detective novel, it becomes a meditation on envy, grief and, this being South Korea, plastic surgery. Understated yet lingeringly eerie.