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  • <20th Century Korean Literature> Ebooks

    In this series of downloadable e-books, the Literature Translation Institute of Korea introduces 50 short stories by 22 prominent Korean writers. These stories were presented in between 1910 and 1950, spanning from the Japanese colonial era to the beginning of the Korean War. LTI Korea has carried on its e-book project since 2013 in order to provide a wide-ranging selection of Korean literature for e-book readers around the world, and the diverse selection of e-books included in this series are the results of this effort.

  • Ebooks

    New Writing from Korea Launched in October 2008, New Writing from Korea is an English language serial publication of Korean short stories. As a result of thorough discussions and considerable effort on the part of the selection and editing committees consisting of critics, translators, and academics, it represents the latest trends in Korean literature.

  • Free E-books for members of the Library

    A collection of e-books is available to members of the Library for free. You can access the e-books using your computer, tablet or mobile phone after logging in as a member.

  • The Translation of Book Proposals

    You can find a collection of sample manuscripts of Korean works, translated into multiple languages with support from LTI Korea.

Focused Contents

  • A Greater Music Collection : Free E-books for members of the Library

    Near the beginning of A Greater Music, the narrator, a young Korean writer, falls into an icy river in the Berlin suburbs, where she's been housesitting for her on-off boyfriend Joachim. This sets into motion a series of memories about life in Berlin, about literature, language, music, and the tragic love affair she with her female German teacher named M.

  • Classical Writings of Korean Women Collection : Ebooks

    This work is a collection of essays travelogues written by women during the Joseon Dynasty(1392-1910). The work ranges from a eulogy for a broken needle to a travelogue describing various trips to scenic spots on the Korean peninsula, including to the Keum-Gang Mountains. Now available in English, this collection gives us a sampler of pre-modern women’s literature of Korea.