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This is a collection of data on various Korean literature events, exhibitions and education programs hosted by LTI Korea around the world.

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  • 2021 Seoul International Writers’ Festival Final Report Final Report

    2021-11-25 / II00000870

    This 51-page final report of the 2021 Seoul International Writers’ Festival contains the following information: results of the festival, program structure and operation, participating writers, survey (participating writers and audiences) results, opening keynote speeches, closing keynote speeches, related articles and media coverage

  • Novel Reading I

    2021-10-08 / II00000841

    A total of 33 participating writers (17 from Korea and 16 from abroad) of the 2021 2021 Seoul International Writers’ Festival read selected excerpts from their own works. The 8 videos are divided into 5 novel readings and 3 poetry readings. From Korea, Jaesik Kwak, Kim Kichang, Kim Soom, Kim Yeonsu, Kim Jung Mi, Yun Ko-eun, Lee Miye, Yi Hyunseok, Lee hee young, Ch’oe Yun, Choi Jin-Young, Han Kang, Koh Jaejong, Sin Yongmok, An Hee-Yeon, Yu Gyeyoung, Lee Soyoun took part with their international counterparts, including Ge Shuiping, David Grossman, Mariana Enriquez, Maja Lunde, Max Porter, Matt Ruff, Vanessa Springora, Siri Ranva Hjelm Jacobsen, Evgeny Vodolazkin, Ken Liu, Trent Dalton, Nouri Al-Jarrah, Rim Battal, Seán Hewitt, Amanda Chong, Jan Wagner.

  • 2021 Seoul International Writers’ Festival Opening Ceremony (video)

    2021-10-08 / II00000839

    This is a video of the 2021 Seoul International Writers’ Festival Opening Ceremony and Opening Keynote Speech. Under the theme “Awakening”, the event was held on at 19:30 on Friday October 8, 2021 at Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Due to the coronavirus situation, it was live-streamed with no on-site spectators. Following the Opening Ceremony, the Opening Keynote Speech was given by Han Kang and Mariana Enriquez, two celebrated novelists from Korea and Argentina who perceive and navigate the world through texts. The speech was followed by a discussion moderated by Sin Yongmok.

  • 2021 Seoul International Writers’ Festival Poster

    2021-05-18 / II00000868

    This is the poster of the 2021 Seoul International Writers’ Festival. Under the theme of Awakening, the 2021 Seoul International Writers’ Festival was held from Oct 8th to 24th in a hybrid format (online and offline), and invited 33 writers from Korea and abroad.

  • Fruits of Korean Fiction: Korean Short Stories and Novellas by Choe Jeong-hui

    2020-06-12 / II00000210

    For the purpose of generating a discourse on Korean literature and introducing Korean writers and works to general readers and experts overseas, KLN publishes book reviews by overseas scholars and publishers. This is a review of the Mongolian translation of Korean Short Stories and Novellas by Choe Jeong-hui.

  • 2014 London Book Fair: Author Hwang Sok-yong Introductory Booklet

    2014-03-05 / II00000283

    This is an introductory booklet on novelist Hwang Sok-yong, produced for the 2014 London Book Fair Korea Market Focus. At the literary event at Free Word Centre—Tales from Asia—on April 7, Hwang read from his work Princess Bari and discuss modernization, ideology and conflict, and experience of incarceration with another writer and a chair from the UK. Hwang participated in the literary seminar “Writing Literature after History” (April 8, Whitehall Room), where he discussed the role of the writer in Korean society—impacted by the Korean War and the division between North and South—and how history could be adequately represented in fiction. On April 10, he shared a conversation with Jo Glanville in PEN Salon, Earls Court Exhibition Centre about his early and recent works (The Shadow of Arms and Princess Bari), writing in Korean contexts, and North Korean literature. This 26-page booklet consists of: “About the Author”, “About the Work” and “Excerpts”

  • 2012 Guadalajara International Book Fair: Author Han Kang Introductory Booklet

    2012-10-16 / II00000275

    This is an introductory booklet on novelist Han Kang, produced for literary events at the Guadalajara International Book Fair and a nearby university—held between November 25 and December 4. Han Kang participated in literary events at University of Guadalajara (November 27) and Autonomous University of Nayarit (November 28) where she introduced her work The Vegetarian. From March to December, 2013, students at Autonomous University of Nayarit were invited to participate in a Korean literature essay contest, and Han Kang attended the award ceremony on November 28. In addition, she was interviewed by two journalists (Mireya Espinosa and Judith Hermosillo) and appeared on the radio program “Radio Nacional de Chile”. This 35-page booklet consists of: “Author’s Literary World”, “About the Work”, “Excerpt”, “Essay”, “Voices of the Author and Critics”, “Biography” and “Bibliography”.

  • 2005 Frankfurt Book Fair: Author Han Kang Introductory Booklet

    2005-10-19 / II00000094

    This is an introductory booklet on Han Kang, produced for the 2005 Frankfurt Book Fair, where Korea participated as the Guest of Honor for the first time and hosted the Korean Literature Tour Program. The author was one of the 62 delegates selected by LTI Korea’s Delegation Selection Committee on the basis of the following criteria: representativeness, existing publications of translated works, and overseas marketability. The entire literature program was co-organized by the LTI Korea, the Frankfurt Book Fair Organizing Committee, Daesan Cultural Foundation, Paradise Cultural Foundation and the International Communication Foundation (ICF). The events started at the Leipzig Book Fair in March and finished with the Guest of Honor Program in October. The author participated in the main program in October and literary events in June. This 29-page booklet consists of: ‘Author’s Literary World’, ‘Analysis of The Fruit of My Woman’, ‘Excerpt’, ‘Voices of the Author and Critics’, ‘Biography’ and ‘Bibliography’. The material was put together and analyzed by Ryu Boseon and Jeong Yeo-wool, and translated by Kang Jeong-seok. The photographs were taken by Han Young-hee. Han Kang participated in literary events in Dresden, Leipzig (March), Tübingen, Regensburg (June), and at the Frankfurt Book Fair Korean Pavilion and Frankfurt Künstlerhaus (October). Her work ‘The Fruit of My Woman’ is included in the collection of Korean short stories published by dtv in 2005.