The world of literature has endowed us with some fantastic works of fiction and non-fiction by many women, since the time of Aphra Ben and her likes. A lot of these wordsmiths have enchanted readers with their strong narratives, relevant tales, and most importantly, their passionate voices rising together in unison to create important, yet magical tales. Among these ardent narratives, some of the most prominent have been from coloured women. Facing generations of physical and emotional abuse and subjugation, women authors, especially the ones racially and culturally discriminated, have tried to disentangle themselves from the vicious patriarchal cobweb. Their most potent harpoon has been to write and let the world know of not just their own stories, but of every one of those that requires a reader's attention and also, their heart. Here are 17 powerful stories by some formidable female authors of colour we need to read right now.



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