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Meetings with Mongolian Publishers

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 The Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea, President: Kim Seong-Kon, professor Emeritus at Seoul National University) held meetings with Mongolian publishers from August 20. This marks the first time since 2010 that LTI Korea made inroads into the Mongolian market.


 LTI Korea held meetings with Mongolian publishers including Soyombo Printing, Selenge Press, and Admarket LLC, who have applied for LTI Korea publication grants for novels, children’s fiction, and poetry. Most publishing houses in Mongolia are subsidiaries of printing companies. Of particular note are Mongolia’s first publishing house, Monsudar, which is a subsidiary of Admon, and Bolor Sudar, which is a subsidiary of the country’s largest printing company, Munkhiin Useg. The companies run the high-profile bookstores Internom and Az Khur respectively, guaranteeing domestic distribution of their publications. Mongolian publishers showed keen interest in Korean literature, agreeing to make full use of LTI Korea’s support programs and to participate in publication and exchange programs in the future.


 LTI Korea also arranged meetings with translators and Mongolian professors of Korean studies to discuss the current state of Korean literature in the Mongolian market and its future direction. The translators and professors brought up the need for exchange of information about the publication of Korean literature with publishers and Korean studies departments, and the need for book recommendations from LTI Korea along with other information in Mongolian. The meeting involved discussions on ways that these needs could be addressed.

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