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Lee Jaemoo

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    1958 ~
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  • Lee was born in Buyeo, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea. He is the eldest son of six to his father, Lee Gwan-bum and his mother, Ann Jong-Keum. He graduated from elementary school and middle school in his hometown of Buyeo and finished high school and college in Daejeon. He completed his master's degree in Korean Language at Dongguk University in Seoul.


    In 1983, he began his literary activities by publishing four poems, "Pick one’s ears" in "Literature of Life". For a long time, he lectured on book production in publishing companies and Korean language classes at college preparatory academies. He also taught poem creative lectures at various universities. Currently, he is the director of the literary group for the Korean Writers Association and the representative director of the publishing company, Start of the Millennium. For the last 35 years, he published the following collection of poems: “New Year's Eve“ “Do Not Come to the People“ “Mow the Grass“ “Flowers in the Body“ “Great Meal“ “The Net of Time“ “Blue stubborn“ “Evening 6“ “A Cheerful Wandering“ “Sadness Kneeling“ “Sadness Pours on the Shoulders“ “An Anthology of Poetry“ “Old Jokes“ “Meals on the Way“ “Essay book“ “From the Front of the Living“ “The Tastiest Rice in the World“ “Fleeing from Obsession“ “Comments on Current Literature“ “When the Flower Blooms Among People“ and so on.


    Lee’s awards include the Sowall Literary Award, Yoon Dongju Literary Award, Nanko Literary Award, Phyunwoon Literary Award, Pulkyot Literary Award, and Song Sukwon Literary Award.

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