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Promotional event at Duke University


 LTI Korea organized a promotional event at Duke University on November 13 to publicize the novel Rina by Kang Young-sook, scheduled to launched in the US in December this year. The event was held at Duke University’s Perkins Library and was moderated by Prof. Nayoung Aimee Kwon from the Department of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies. During the two-hour event, Kang Young-sook shared her inspiration behind the book, the reaction of readers in Japan to the Japanese translation, as well as anecdotes related to the process of having the book translated into English. Jake Snyder from Dalkey Archives shared his expectations from the book. The Q&A session at the end, originally scheduled for half an hour, had to be extended thanks to the enthusiastic response from the audience.

The event was attended by a large number of professors and scholars teaching or researching Korean literature in Northern America who were members of the Korean Literature Association. In the days preceding LTI Korea’s event, the association had organized the annualNorth American Workshop on Korean Literature (NAOKOL) on the topic: Global Korean Literature at Crossroads: Celebration of Continuity and Transformation. Unlike conferences of the past that focused on Korean culture and movies, the conference focused mainly on Korean literature this year, with vigorous discussions taking place on various topics such as North Korean literature, and classical Korean literature.



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