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Sibling Survival: A Forest That No One Has Seen by Cho Haejin


A boy named Shin Hyun-su is declared dead because of his mother’s debts. When a large explosion occurs at a subway station in K city, the moneylenders try to get compensation by claiming that Hyun-su is one of the victims. Mi-su, who is seven years older than Hyun-su, is kept in the dark and saddened by the sudden death of her brother. Mi-su spends a lonely childhood and becomes a desk clerk at a building. She begins a relationship with Yun, a security guard, but it is not enough to make up for her loneliness. Meanwhile, Hyun-su becomes a broker for forging documents. Having turned 18, he is almost an adult. But he cannot get employment since he is officially dead to society. Even so, he does not turn into a vengeful monster. He looks up his sister in her studio apartment and quietly watches over her. Hyun-su is engaged in an act of ultimate good will. This is when the reversal of roles begins. It is the abandoned brother who protects his sister. In the final scene, the siblings find each other at long last in the forest.



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