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A Warm Family


The first collection in English of this renowned Korean poet’s work. In this collection of poems, Kim Hu-Ran explores the intimate relations between individuals and groups, from lovers and families to the whole of the world, and between man and nature. Sung in a compassionate voice, these poems affirm that Love is the cure and remedy for the deeply fractured modern world. A Warm Family, Kim’s latest work, woven in highly personal style and lyric tenderness, makes us see light and hear music in it. “Kim Hu-Ran’s ultimate poetic quest is for the poetics for hope and peace … Since her debut as a poet in 1960, the major theme of her poems has been the pursuit of hope, that is, the move from darkness to light, sorrow to joy, despair to hope. Her poems also manifest the unwavering conviction that all human activity and poetry should be rooted in the spirit of peace.” — Kim Jae-Hong, Kyung Hee University In addition to her work as a poet, Kim Hu-Ran has worked as journalist and as an advocate for women’s rights, serving as director of the Korea Women’s Development Institute and as a member of the Women’s Policy Assembly. Currently she is Vice-President of the Korean Center of PEN International. This is her eleventh volume of poetry, and the first to be translated into English. Cho Young-Shil is a retired English teacher and now works as a translator and writes poetry for young adults.




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