Through our Hub Library Membership program, we have successfully established a global network of institutes and research centers around the world. As a member, you'll receive an annual donation of translated Korean titles, along with various resources for research and education.
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  • Korean Culture Center in Kazakhstan

    Korean Cultural Centers are non-profit institutions aligned with the Government of South Korea that aim to promote Korean culture and facilitate cultural exchanges.

  • Korean Culture Center in Russia

    С момента открытия, 8 сентября 2006 года, Корейский культурный центр играет важную роль в распространении корейской культуры в Российской Федерации. Основная деятельность культурного центра заключается в проведении мероприятий, служащих для ознакомления с корейской культурой, таких как концерты, выставки, кинопоказы, представляющие традиционную и современную культуру Кореи. Также культурный центр предоставляет информацию в сфере туризма, спорта и культурных обменов. [Source:]

  • Korean Culture Center in Mexico

    * Difusión de la cultura, el turismo y el deporte coreano
    * Fomentar el intercambio de cultura, turismo y deporte entre Corea y México
    * Fomentar el intercambio de cultura, turismo y deporte entre Corea y América Latina
    * Promover los contenidos de la cultura coreana en México y toda América Latina
    * Incentivar la participación en los eventos culturales en México y en América Latina



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How to join

1. Submit application following below(applications are received all year round).

2. Annually, in the first half and second half of the year, selected members are announced and notified.

3. Donation books are chosen and agreed upon for each member.

4. Donation books are delivered along with the document stating receipt of donated books.

5. Member must submit document that confirms receipt of donated books.

Membership benefits

1. Build the collection of translated books based on Korean Literature according to relevant languages.

2. Suppot the event regarding Korean Literature by giving translated books.

3. Send new arrival books annually, when the status report submitted.

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