LTI Korea Library provides in the online exhibition format the contents about Korean literatures that match special themes. All members can select the contents they want throught My Collection and create my own collection.

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  • THE TRANSLATOR, THE EDITOR, CONTRIBUTORS and INTERNS, trying to take some kind of look at translated Modern Korean fiction. This is always a work in progress, as the field is vast and our experience is small. We welcome comments or opposing viewpoints and we will be happy to post anything good. THE TRANSLATOR was born in Korea and teaches Korean in California, he is an international man of mystery.

  • 10 Magazine Book Club is an intimate gathering of bibliophiles of all nationalities that takes place in Seoul on the last Sunday of every month. Backed by 10 Magazine and organized by professor and human rights writer Barry Welsh, the Book Club has hosted regular meetings since August of 2011. The Club’s RSVPs are often more than double its self-set capacity of 50 guests, leading to sold-out bookings weeks in advance.